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Firekeeper Open House

From our longtime friend Careen Stoll hello people!  My Annual Open Studio is this weekend, if you’d like to join us.  Pickle tasting, new pots, 5$/lb. seconds, throwing demo, evening party maybe bonfire?… Great place for kids. Nearby parks and waterfalls. Bring something for the grill.   10-10 Sat, 10-5 Sun.   directions: from western portland, [...]

Get your Junk Fixed

Repair PDX embodies Portland’s spirit of community and supports it’s thriving DIY culture. We invited them to a brunch after meeting Lauren Gross, R-PDX’s main mover and shaker, at Bike Farm where they hold events on occasion. She loves hearing about cool projects and found herself in good company on a Sunday back in October [...]

A Space to Forge

In the fall of last year Rob Bart was invited to RC brunch to practice pitch his idea for Forge – a business based on collaboration and bringing more resources to “help new and existing organizations overcome the hurdles that every new endeavor faces when they launch or try to scale up.” His pitch was [...]

BTW Pink Doesn’t Exist

Community Profiles: Robby Kraft

Robby has been a part of the Research Club community in Portland since our early days at the Tribute Gallery, making domes, origami, and other amazing objects at the intersection of math and art.  During Glitch Studies, part of Research Club’s Body of Knowledge exhibition series at Gallery Homeland in 2011 in which he collaborated with Stephanie [...]

Space Oddity, One More Time

Mathew Lippincott, Toilets, Research Club, and TEDx — a love affair

At our last brunch in April, Mat Lippincott gave a talk about TED based on a talk he gave at TEDx based on a talk he gave at Research Club. You all got that, right? Original talk TEDx Talk Talk About the Talks Mat Lippincott – What It’s Like to Speak at TED Research Club alumni [...]

Hotel Will Trade a Room for Art

Nashville’s FIRST RSRCH CLB!

Last Sunday, the official second branch of Research Club had our first session, in Nashville, Tennessee.Inspired by Research Club during his time living in Portland, Bobby Allyn brought the idea to Nashville, where people drive cars and are terrib…

The Past and Future of Research Club

In the last year and a half, Research Club moved away from planting its own original projects towards a role of tilling the soil for the ambient projects in the surrounding community. Our own project became the study and development of a certain v…