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Portland Passport Project – Pumping the Brakes

We Have Not Achieved Escape Velocity About a month ago at our Cross Community Summit, I said that we’d know in a month whether or not we’ve got the necessary momentum to launch this project. I’m a little — but not a lot — sorry to say that we don’…

White Bird Season 14 Wrap-up and Review – Compagnie Kafig

Last Wednesday, May 9, White Bird closed their 14th season with a one-night, high-energy performanc by the Compagnie Kafig troupe at the Schnitzer. Portland Stage Reviews documents the show well, but see the White Bird press release for some cruci…

Facebook vs Portland Passport Network

- internetplus

The Drop Box Brigade!

Join the Drop Box Brigade today!

Civic Hackathon at Rebooting Deomocracy this weekend!

Code for America sends Fellows to cities to help local governments do more with technology.Now, we’ve launched Brigade to help everyone make their cities better with technology. We’re coming to PDX! ————- Who: Rebooting Democracy Folk, Civ…

Volunteering @ Rebooting Democracy

The Bus Project is throwing an awesome festival this month called Rebooting Democracy, and you can get in free(ish) if you volunteer.

We are all conformists

I paraphrased Antonoi Gramsci badly over beer with Nim. Here is a proper rendering, from Gramsci’s Letters from Prison: In acquiring one’s conception of the world one always belongs to a particular grouping which is that of all the social elements…

Yasmeen Godder’s “Love Fire” concludes White Bird’s Uncaged Season

Tonight and tomorrow you still have the chance to watch the most inventive use of disembowelment the Portland stage will see for some time to come. If you sit up front, don’t wear anything that stains easily. — Research Club

On Curiosity by Amos Oz

“I get up every morning at 5, go for a half-hour walk in the desert, come home and have a cup of coffee, sit down at the desk and ask myself what I would say if I were him, and what I would do if I were her. I think curiosity is actually a moral v…

Man flies like a bird–in a hoax–by an artist

Compelling video is not real. It’s art. See: ‘Bird Man’ Hoaxster Comes Clean on Dutch Television