Civic Hackathon at Rebooting Deomocracy this weekend!

by Research Club

Code for America sends Fellows to cities to help local governments do more with technology.Now, we’ve launched Brigade to help everyone make their cities better with technology. We’re coming to PDX!


  • Who: Rebooting Democracy Folk, Civic Hackers, , City Reps, Developers, Designers, etc — anyone with the passion to make Portland better!
  • Where: Geoloqi HQ (920 SW 3rd Ave #400). Our civic-minded friends at GeoLoqi have graciously agreed to host our civic rabble. 
  • When: April 22nd, 10am-3pm. *Lunch will be provided.*
  • What do you do at civic hackathon, anyway? At a civic hackathon, people who know and love technology (software developers, designers, entrepreneurs, etc.) come together with people who know and love urban issues (city staff, local organizations, community members and leaders) to use technology and their collective skills to build solutions that matters to our city, and other cities too. 

There’s food, smart people, and networking opportunities. It’s an opportunity to make a difference with skills you know, hone some you’ve forgotten, and maybe even acquire some new ones. Still not sure what to expect? Check out a Fellow’s experience