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The Past and Future of Research Club

In the last year and a half, Research Club moved away from planting its own original projects towards a role of tilling the soil for the ambient projects in the surrounding community. Our own project became the study and development of a certain v…

Portland Passport Project – Pumping the Brakes

We Have Not Achieved Escape Velocity About a month ago at our Cross Community Summit, I said that we’d know in a month whether or not we’ve got the necessary momentum to launch this project. I’m a little — but not a lot — sorry to say that we don’…

Come to Friends and Neighbors Night on Saturday, May 15

We’re not open yet, but we thought we’d invite ya’ll over to see the new space and meet the neighbors. Details here.

Apologies For the Radio Silence

May is a month for growing. We are working hard to get the space and our ideas ready for our grand opening on June 4th. The blog has suffered in this time, but we’ll return to posting regularly soon.For now, here’s a volcano.…

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