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Space Oddity, One More Time

Wild Combination Debrief

So Wild Combination was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who made it possible. We had an amazing lineup including Operative, Goodnight Billygoat, Hand2Mouth Theater , Oregon Painting Society plus video from Grand Detour, and a performance by …

Universal Property of Music Discovered

From the Article:The many hundreds of scales, however, seem to possess a deeper commonality: if their tones are compared in a two- or three-dimensional way by means of a coordinate system, they form convex or star-convex structures. Convex structu…

Street Drummers are Some of the World’s Greatest Lückologists

Brunch this Sunday at PNCA — Last Research Club Event of the Year!!!

Dear Research Clubbers, As the year comes to a close we look back on all that we have done with great satisfaction. We have met so many great people, shared so many great speakers, and had a bunch of successful events including classes, talks and …

Amazing Audio Projects in Flash Including an In-Browser Tenori-on

Work by André Michelle, mostly dealing with sound.My favorites: SuperEllipse sound visualizations ToneMatrix synth and sequencer that’s like having a little Tenori-On in your browser.

David Bowie’s Personal Response to His First American Fan Letter metafilter)

Illinoize — Mixtape of Sufjan Stevens’ “Illinoise” album cut with alt hip hop

Maybe I’m late the to game with this, but I don’t care. These are some of the best mashups I’ve ever heard, and just an incredibly good album in general.